What to look for when buying packaging machinery


When you're looking for a supplier or manufacturer of packaging machinery, there are a few key questions you need to ask in order to make sure you get the best machine for your requirements:

It's really important to find out where the particular supplier's expertise lies. For instance some companies specialise in primary packaging - which is the packaging directly applied to the products - whilst other packaging companies specialise in secondary packaging - this is the packing of cartons or packed products into cases. This is a very important distinction, for instance putting fluids into bottles, is a very different task to loading bottles of fluid into cases or cases onto pallets. You should always make sure that the supplier has the expertise that matches your requirements.

No packaging requirement is exactly the same as another, with that in mind experience is a key component of any packaging machinery supplier. Only experienced machinery suppliers will have the know how needed to provide you with a packaging solution that meets your specific needs efficiently and cost effectively.

To keep the financial outlay to a minium standard "off the shelf" machines offer an economical solution for run of the mill applications. For more specialised or unusual applications, however, a bespoke machine is often the best option. Your ideal packaging machinery supplier will be one that can offer both standard machines and bespoke products.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a packaging machinery supplier is to ask to speak to past customers. A quick telephone conversation with one or two existing customers will probably tell you all you need to know, but if you want more, then it may be possible to arrange to visit a site where your potential supplier's equipment is in use. There's no better way of judging a supplier's capabilities than to see its equipment in action. Be very wary of any company that is reluctant to give you the names of any customers.